McClelland Sound President Janice of our people


Owner, President

  • Janice started helping in the family business while she was still a kid. She officially joined McClelland in 2001, and is the 3rd generation family leader of the business.
  • Janice regularly has her non-human staff, Bear and Lily, come to the office to help out – they excel at napping and guarding her office from predators (aka co-workers).
McClelland Sound Vice President, Sales Paul of our people


Vice President, Sales

  • Paul came to McClelland in 2006 as a tech, and is now in sales.
  • Likes the challenge of audio design – every day brings something new.


McClelland Sound Purchasing, Rentals Dave of our people


Purchasing, Rentals

  • Dave has over 30 years at McClelland – we were his temporary plan while he figured out a career.
  • Values time with his wife and kids above all else.
  • In his former life, he was ‘Big Wave Dave’ on the midnight shift at T95.
McClelland Sound Sales Rob of our people



  • Joined McClelland in 2012, and has more certifications than you can shake a stick at.
  • Rob has been playing the guitar for over twenty years, including touring the country with a band.
  • Rob has taken up cycling, and completed several races in 2019.
McClelland Sound Sales Zach of our people



  • Zach joined McClelland in 2017 with and extensive background in live event production.
  • When he’s not traveling the globe, Zach spends time doing color commentary and producing broadcasts for FC Wichita and the Wichita Wings.
  • Zach is a roller coaster fiend – he travels far and wide to try out the newest thrills.
Chris Whitehead


Residential Sales

  • Chris was born and raised in Wichita, and is “a Shocker for life.”
  • Chris plays golf with a Handicap of 17, and coaches his son’s baseball team.
  • Joined McClelland in 2019, with the acquisition of LivingSound.



  • Mike is an accomplished musician (guitar) and has toured, recorded, and taught music for most of his life.
  • An experienced traveler, Alaska is the only state Mike has yet to visit. Internationally, he’s been to the UK, France, Spain, and the Philippines.
McClelland Sound Accounts Receivable Laura of our people


Marketing Manager / Accounts Receivable

  • Laura spends her weekends watching her daughters at softball tournaments and regattas.
  • Laura joined McClelland in 2014 the roundabout way – through social work, full-time ministry and non-profit fundraising.
  • Loves change – is always thinking of ways to make things better.
McClelland Sound Accounts Payable Susan of our people


Accounts Payable

  • Susan is an avid gardener and loves spending time with her husband, but has the most fun being ‘Grannin’.
  • She’s always on the hunt for a bargain and tries to never miss the annual Citywide Garage Sale.
  • Susan, who has been with us since 2017, is one of several McClelland car enthusiasts and is currently working on a ’63 Triumph Spitfire with her husband, Danny.
McClelland Sound Service / Project Manager Ron of our people


Service / Project Manager

  • Joined McClelland in 2011 – the best part of his job is seeing and hearing it all come together.
  • Enjoys weekend excursions with his wife, Lynn, and dog, Pax.
  • Collects vintage audio gear and is always searching for the ‘perfect’ speaker.


Senior Technician / Audio Engineer

  • Joined McClelland in 2007 – his area of expertise is in auditoriums, paging systems and industrial/large scale jobs.
  • Spends the weekends as a drummer in a band, or running sound for other musicians.
  • Dustin frequently uses his photography talents to show off the work we do.
McClelland Sound Technician Derek of our people


Technician / Programmer

  • Joined McClelland in 2009 – he’s improving the world one drive-thru at a time.
  • Derek is the director of the Mulvane Junior Wrestling Club and keeps stats for the Mulvane High School Wildcats football team.
  • Collects and repairs older electronic equipment – he’s always tinkering and inventing.
McClelland Sound Technician Chris of our people



  • Chris gave himself a Christmas present in 2018 by joining the team at McClelland.
  • Chris is Dad to two – they have a work van “Just like Daddy’s”.



  • Charles can play nearly any stringed instrument, but prefers playing blues, punk, and metal through ridiculously large amplifier systems.
  • An avid outdoorsman, Charles enjoys rowing the Ark rivers, camping, and being towed off-road by his specially trained dogs on a mountain-board.
  • Always eager for adventure, Charles lives for jobs that require working high up or in enclosed spaces.



  • Jared joined the McClelland team in 2021. He loves to see a project come together.
  • Jared and his wife, Brooke, enjoy spending time with their dogs, Mila and Mayer.
  • Jared is an avid woodworker and a computing aficionado. His photography talents have graced our social media pages, as well.