Central Christian School – Versatile Sound System

Hutchinson, KS

AV Project Description

The Booster Club at Central Christian School came to McClelland in need of a sound system for their combination gymnasium/auditorium space. They were looking for a solution supporting athletic and performing arts events. Our design offered them a two-phased approach to achieving that goal. We started with a distributed sound system comprised of twelve SoundTube pendant loudspeakers. The loudspeakers are powered individually by Powersoft Mezzo series power amplifiers, for flexibility in controlling audio levels for ‘gymnasium mode’ or ‘auditorium mode’. In Gymnasium Mode, the system acts as a true distributed sound system, with even coverage provided throughout the space. In Auditorium Mode, additional SoundTube column loudspeakers will act as the driving source of audio in the room, with the pendant loudspeakers helping make up the volume difference from the front to the back. The result is an incredibly versatile sound system for multi-functionality and acoustics. The system features wireless control via a Yamaha TF Rack mixer, and Audio Technica 3000 Series wireless microphones.