Kidron Bethel Village – Making A Difference…In Newton

Newton, Kansas

AV Project Description

For Kidron Bethel Village, a retirement community in North Newton, Kansas, we installed state-of-the-art audio-visual systems in multiple areas of their community. In their Menno Hall chapel, we included a sound system with a digital mixing console and touchscreen control for simplified operation.  The room was fitted with SoundTube full-range column speakers with extension columns to enhance the control of lower frequencies in a highly reverberant space. Due to the architecture of the space, we also included Renkus-Heinz compact stair-step loudspeakers to ensure the front rows are in a direct speaker pattern. All speakers are powered with Powersoft amplifiers. The project included several stage monitors and microphones for use by the choir and at the podium. A Denon CD/Media player with Bluetooth connected to the mixer provides audio playback. In addition, an induction-loop assistive living system from Williams AV provides hearing assistance for those using telecoil hearing aids via a device-free solution to improve their audio experience. 98” Panasonic displays reinforce presentation video. A Datavideo camera system coupled with an Extron streaming media processor provides the ability to record and stream events to classrooms and the Harvest Table Restaurant, as well as online. Also, LED lighting fixtures were installed to enhance the visual of the stage for in-person performances, as well as enhance the visualization of the platform for streaming. Control of the lighting fixtures is accomplished with an easy-to-use interface on the touchscreen, with faders and common brightness presets. 

In the classrooms, we installed a versatile AV system that functions as a videoconferencing system and allows the classrooms to serve as overflow seating for events held in Menno Hall. In-ceiling microphones capture audio for video conferencing and Panasonic LCD display provides the ability to show video from multiple devices. Additionally, we installed a Crestron touchscreen controller in each classroom, allowing the presenter to adjust camera angles, audio mutes, volume levels, and more with a simple-to-use control at each podium.

The project was rounded out with a Panasonic LCD display in the Harvest Table Restaurant, which receives video feed from Menno Hall as well as supports inputs from digital signage and TV systems in the senior community. The audio system was upgraded to include QSC in-ceiling loudspeakers and a QSC amplifier with a Crestron touchscreen controller.