Ottawa High School – State-of-the-art AV Integration

Ottawa, Kansas

AV Project Description

The brand new auditorium at Ottawa High School is a beautiful and versatile space. An air wall can be deployed, dividing the space front and back into two smaller, but still complete auditoriums.

Two large format motorized projection screens within the auditorium display stunning images and video presentations and movies. The long-life laser phosphor DLP projectors are virtually maintenance-free and exhaust much less heat than traditional, lamp-based projectors.

Crestron powers the intuitive control and video distribution system throughout the auditorium and supporting areas such as the lobby, dressing rooms, rehearsal spaces, etc. You don’t have to be a technically savvy user to deliver great audio and video presentations.

A Bose LCR Progressive Directivity Array distributed loudspeaker design ensures every seat in the house hears articulate speech and music. For those who have difficulty hearing, a Williams infrared-assisted listening system enables them to dial in a little more sound through some headphones or the Tele-coil built into their hearing aids.

A large Dante digital audio network losslessly connects the Yamaha QL5 mixer to the stage inputs, Shure wireless microphones, Symetrix digital signal processors, and AtteroTech Bluetooth audio wall plates.

The system is full-featured and flexible for many uses both today and in the future.