Experience theater-quality sound, cinematic lighting, intuitive climate control and seamless security all in the comfort of your own home. McClelland’s expert technicians are passionate about bringing out the best in your environment.

Great sound is just the beginning. An on-site audio analysis will determine what kind of audio is appropriate for each room of your house, whether it’s movies in the den, background music in the kitchen, or intercoms between the master bedroom and the nursery. 

Good lighting can set a mood just as effectively as a great piece of music, and each room of your house has different lighting needs. McClelland can design automated lighting to create just the right tone for each room, as well as save energy and money. 

Home Automation

Automate your home for entertainment, security, efficiency and comfort.

Climate control and security are fundamental components of designing for comfort, but are often overlooked. A holistic approach to climate and security considers room use, daily schedules and, of course, comfort. Automating climate and security systems provides opportunities to both save energy and money while delivering peace of mind, through mobile app access that allows you to check in, adjust your settings, and get updates from anywhere in the world.

Home Theater

Who needs to go out to enjoy movies, games, or concerts?