Do you want fries with that?

One of three Americans will eat fast food today. Of those, more than half will make their purchase at a drive-thru window. Your business depends on clear, crisp drive through speakers and headsets. Customers want their order to be right, and they don’t want to yell to be heard. McClelland sells and installs everything: from topline digital technology from PAR (formerly 3M) to the simplest air hose and microphone system. 

Drive-Thru Service

Team member crouched repairing a drive thru speaker

If needed, we can come to you to assess and repair your entire drive-thru sound system on-site. Either way, you can depend on us to keep your business in the fast lane.

Work station with laptop open and a rack of parts for fixing head sets

Our bench technicians will keep your equipment in good repair – bring in your drive-thru headsets and we’ll fix them fast.