Better Audio Visual for A Better Home

Experience theater-quality sound, cinematic lighting, intuitive climate control and seamless security all in the comfort of your own home. McClelland’s expert technicians are passionate about bringing out the best in your residential project – whether it is a home movie theater or a beautiful outdoor living area. A great home sound system is just the beginning. An on-site audio analysis will determine the best audio option for each room of your house, whether it’s movies in the den, background music in the kitchen, or intercom between the master bedroom and the nursery. Lighting can set a mood just as effectively as a great piece of music, and each room of your house has different lighting needs. McClelland can design automated lighting to create just the right tone for each room, as well as save energy and money.

Smart Home Automation

With Smart Home Automation solutions you can control virtually any device in your home from your tablet or smartphone. You can set a scene, creating different atmospheres for any occasion. If you’re away from home, you can view your surveillance cameras, unlock or lock doors, adjust lighting, or even change the temperature.

Home Theater Systems

Who needs to go out to enjoy movies, games, or concerts? Bring the cinema experience home with our customized home theater solutions. Let us help you create the environment you need whatever your interests. Stop by our beautiful showroom and we will help you create the immersive experience that you need for your home. Test out our speakers, automated home systems, and beautiful home theater experience, and imagine how your home can transform with all the best AV solutions.

Adjustable Ambience

Automated home lighting allows you to control your home’s lights from anywhere. If you forgot to turn out the lights before leaving home, no problem. Energy savings are just a click of a button away. Don’t forget your outdoor entertainment areas. We can integrate controlled lighting to enhance any patio, pool, or porch.

Quality Home Audio

Our sound solutions offer the highest-quality audio system for your home and on your patio, workshop, or even poolside. If you want an immersive multi-room music experience across your home we provide custom designs to fit your vision. Whether you are looking for premium sound with a sound bar, speaker, Sonos system, or hidden audio system we can provide the perfect custom sound solution for your home.